Cylinder knowledge

1.    Parallel cylinder pay attention to keep distance


The distance between the two parallel cylinders must be more than 40mm, otherwise the magnetic switch of the two cylinders will be interfered with each other and cause misoperation.


2.    Magnetic switch wiring as short as possible


The wiring length has no effect on the function, but if the wiring is too long, the current will be very high when the switch is turned on, which will shorten the service life of the switch. If the wiring must be long, more than 5 meters, a contact protection box must be used.


3. Precautions for use in special environments


1). Strong magnetic environment to use the switch cylinder with strong magnetic field resistance.


2). In dusty, water or oil dripping occasions, the cylinder rod side should use a telescopic protective cover.


3). If there is iron powder and scrap nearby, the magnet will attract the iron powder and scrap to gather around it, which will weaken the magnetic force in the cylinder and may cause the magnetic switch not to operate.


4. Attention - single shaft cylinder shaft will rotate


Unless it is anti-rotation single shaft cylinder, the shaft of the single shaft cylinder will rotate during the movement, which may cause the piston rod head bolt connection loose.


5. The piston rod can not be radial force


Piston rod can only be axial push and pull, do not think the rod is thick and strong so that it is subject to lateral force, once subject to lateral force, guide rod and cylinder wall will produce don't force, greatly shorten the life of the cylinder.


If there is radial force, you must add guide rod or slide rail assistance, or directly choose the cylinder with slide rail and guide rod. Since the guide rod and slide rail cylinder will generally be more expensive than their own, but the volume of their own small. According to the specific circumstances of the choice on the line.


6. The cylinder action to add protection


Cylinder is easy to hurt people, cylinder bore can directly make people disabled or even death, if the machine is not added to the outside of the safety grating, the cylinder action place must be added to protect.


7. Additional buffer is very important


When the driven object mass and speed, the cylinder's own buffer capacity is generally insufficient, we must add hydraulic buffers or set up a deceleration circuit to assist deceleration stop.


8. The cylinder with guide rod can never be used as a gear point


Gear point has a special blocking cylinder, do not think that the cylinder with guide rod can also do gear point, it is not able to withstand the radial impact, with it to do gear point in a few months, the guide rod will be loose, resulting in inaccurate positioning.


9. The middle of the long stroke cylinder to design support


Long stroke cylinder should be designed to support the middle to overcome the piston rod sagging, cylinder barrel downward bending, as well as vibration and external load a piston rod to bring damage.



10. Give full consideration to the power failure and gas failure, the impact of cylinder misoperation


Especially the jaw cylinder, when handling things, sudden power or gas outage, if there is no protection measures, it may cause the handling items fall, smashing the machine or damage the product. If you want to prevent the power failure caused by the cylinder misoperation, you can choose the double coil solenoid valve, which can keep the original action of the cylinder in the case of power failure.


11. The cylinder and solenoid valve between the piping should not be too long


Cylinder and solenoid valve between the piping is too long, will lead to gas is not easy to discharge the replacement, easy to condensation over time.


12. Vibration occasions to prevent loose


If the cylinder is used for work spell high, vibration occasions, design, installation screws and various connection links to pay attention to prevent loose.


13. Cylinder lubrication


Now the cylinder is generally pre-greased, so there is no need to add oil lubrication. But once the lubricating oil, you can not stop the oil supply, because the pre-added grease may be flushed out, do not give oil will lead to poor cylinder action.